The most commonly missed boundary

Hey friend!


Last night we did a workshop on boundaries with the Happy Vet Society members. 


There was an underlying theme during the majority of the workshop that I wanted to share with you today.


During the workshop, we discussed several different boundary situations. We talked about how to respond when “friends” (aka random people) message us asking for free veterinary advice. We discussed how to handle constant contact and questions from staff on our days off (especially when there’s other docs in the building). We also chatted about setting boundaries around appointments, how many to see and what to do when short staffed.


And we found a common thread throughout these situations: Our need to people-please, and our guilt when we don’t!


Boundaries are one of the most important things we can implement to truly transform our lives.


But the thing that is so often missed is that there are two kinds of boundaries:...

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Can I Be Real With You For A Second?


Can I be real with you for a second?


With social media and emails, it’s really easy to make our lives look good.


And trust me, I get that my life is pretty damn amazing.


But here’s the part you don’t see on social media…


The last couple of weeks have been a major struggle.


I don’t mean just a struggle of what should I post or what should I talk about?


But a full blown attempt of my depression returning.


We often talk about how we create our reality and how when we take control of our lives, we can achieve our dreams.


And this is still true.


But what sometimes doesn’t get talked about enough is that it’s not always easy.


About the fact that we have to make the choice EVERY SINGLE DAY when we wake up to do what we need to do for ourselves and our dreams, instead of letting ourselves get sucked back into survival mode (in my case, I get sucked into netflix movies or smutty...

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ā€œIā€™m going to be a millionaire.ā€

Just before my 30th birthday, I was still working as an emergency room vet at a crazy busy multi-doctor practice. I had just had baby number 2 and was already thinking it was time to find a new job where I wouldn’t be on call anymore. 


I was standing in the pharmacy one day talking to several of the other doctors. One of the doctors was an older guy (he kinda felt like a father figure to me some days). We started talking about retirement plans and the difference between Roth and traditional IRAs.


Long story short, I made the comment during the conversation that I intended to be a millionaire by the time I was 40.


The comment came out of nowhere. At that time, I had no intentions to leave the field. I knew I was burned out, but had not even begun to think about starting other businesses or do anything other than be a vet and someday a clinic owner.


I really had no context for that comment. No idea if it was possible. No one in my immediate life...

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If You're Feeling Even More Exhausted Than Usual...

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The Best Question to Move Yourself Forward!

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