The unexpected decision that changed everything

I hit burnout for the second time in 2015, only six months after I bought my own practice.


I had purchased a practice thinking that being able to be the boss, practice the way I wanted, when I wanted… would solve all of my problems after being in so many toxic environments.


Unfortunately, it only escalated the situation.


Instead of feeling like I had more freedom, I felt more trapped.


Instead of being able to enjoy the veterinary field again, I started hating it even more (at the time, I hadn’t known that was possible).


But then, in one second, my entire life changed.


During the course of our lives, there are moments where things happen.


Decisions are made. 

Experiences occur.


And in those seconds, we can look back and see a huge pivot in the direction of our life.


Up until then, I had been brainstorming ways to get out of owning a practice. Could I sell already? Except I had only just bought it. 

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The Best Question to Move Yourself Forward!

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Your focus can sabotage your goals!


*Done as a FB live, but no, unfortunately you can't comment on the vlog posts. However, if this resonates, let's chat! You can email us at [email protected] or schedule a Structure & Strategy call so we can figure out how truly start ending burnout for your specific situation!

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When The Clients Aren't The Problem


If you're ready to stop dwelling and start moving forward:

Join the 5 day challenge at

Or book a free call to see if the EPIC and Aligned Mastermind can help you heal your trauma so that you can move from where you are to where you want to be:

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Moving Out of Survival Mode

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Are You Missing The Open Doors?


One of the best ways to not miss your open doors is to take steps to help you look and move forward instead of staying stuck in the current situation! 

One of those best steps to start is our EPIC Life 5 day Challenge! You can join now for FREE by going to

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Why you SHOULD be brainwashing yourself!

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Are You Completing Your Stress Cycles?

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Gratitude- Does It Even Help?

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