Relationships Can Make Trauma WORSE

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Is Trauma Keeping You From Your Goals?


If trauma is part of what is holding you back (it is for most of us!) and you're ready to move forward, make sure to book a call to chat with us and see how our programs might be able to help!

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Why you SHOULD be brainwashing yourself!

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Happiness Is Not a Destination...

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Why Self-Care Fails (It's Not What You Think)

A few years ago, a friend recommended I read a book.


In the book, the author discusses the rough time he’s been having, and how he started repeating to himself “I love myself, I love myself, I love myself.”


He suggested I try it too.


I literally couldn’t get the words out.


A few years later, I picked up the book and this time, I also picked up the mantra.


“I love myself, I love myself, I love myself.”


At first, it was really hard to say it. So I just thought it.


When I could think it with minimal cringes, I made myself start saying it out loud until it felt better.


Then I started saying it out loud while looking at myself in the mirror. (Let me tell you how awkward THAT was in the beginning… even if it was just me!)


Over time, the mantra got easier.


And one day I realized something.


During the time I was practicing the mantra, repeating to myself “I love...

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If You Want To Be Happier... Start Here!

Today, I’m talking with a little bit of tough love.


If you’re here and reading this, I’m assuming it’s because you want to be in control of your life again. Maybe you want to be happier, have more money, more freedom…


Maybe you’re ready to leave your job, or even your career. Maybe you still love where you are but just want things to be a bit different.


If so, here’s the most important thing you can learn this year:


Your thoughts create your reality. And you are in CONTROL of your thoughts.


Maybe you’ve heard me say this before. Maybe you’ve heard other people say it.


But have you taken it to heart?


When I first started in this job, I didn’t understand how true this really was. 


And I’ll be honest, I wasn’t willing to accept it.


“What do you mean I created this reality? I hate my job, my boss is a jerk. I don’t want this reality, I...

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