Who Is Dr. Jenny?



I haven't just been teaching other professional women to how to end their burnout and improve their work/life balance for the last several years, I've been LIVING it!

I decided I wanted to be a vet when I was 8 years old. So imagine my frustration when I found myself burned out and miserable only 4 years into my career! 

What I discovered through the years is that I wasn't the only one! Yes, burnout is extreme in the veterinary field, but we're not the only ones who experience that! In reality, burnout is extremely prevalent among many of the professional fields!

And this is what we're solving, inside of my signature program, Thriving By Intention (previously known as Veterinary Change).

Since my own experience in 2014, I've noticed a huge glaring hole in our educations today: the mindset needed for professional women (aka- the fact that you are completely in control of your life!). 

I launched Thriving By Intention to help other professional women take control of their lives, end their burnout, and move away from their trauma, so that they can explore and create the lives of their DREAMS. 

The  moral of the story?

What I have learned has completely transformed my life, from burned out and suicidal to loving every single day and being excited to wake up again! I have more freedom now than I ever imagined!

And my mission is simple: To help you be able to do the same.

Are you ready?


So many of us are missing JOY in our lives! 

Which means one of our primary goals need to be increasing that joy!

I start every single day with the question, "What would bring me JOY today?"

The catch is that if we have too much trauma in our lives still affecting our current situation, we have to deal with that or it will hold us back from the joy we seek!

But today my lifestyle is all about fun, play, and JOY!

And yours can be the same. Start having more fun and living your EPIC LIFE.

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