"Beat the Burnout" 5 Day Challenge!

End your burnout. Heal your trauma. Fix your work/life balance. Discover your EPIC life!

Join the Challenge!

Learn the 5 STEPS that will take you from burned out to thriving in your life, no matter where you are today!

Discover the one MINDSET SHIFT that will allow you to feel less burned out and more energetic, starting TODAY!

Uncover the 5 PILLARS that you should incorporate into your reality to achieve and MAINTAIN your dreams!

"Dr. Jenny's 5 day challenge helped me so much. I didn't realize how much clarity I could get in just 5 days, or how much the short daily assignments would make me feel better about what's actually possible!"

~ Elizabeth R.

What does the challenge include?

  • One video per day to watch, then one daily assignment (10 minutes or less) that will help you stop feeling stuck and move forward!
  • Learn why work/life balance is actually a myth that your nervous system is fighting AGAINST (and what to achieve instead).
  • Discover how trauma has been keeping you stuck, and what to do about it!
  • Gain clarity on both what you want and what has been holding you back.
  • Finally be able to move forward and discover the path to your dream life!

About your host:

Hi there! My name is Dr. Jenny Elwell-Gerken (I go by Dr. Jenny). By trade, I'm a veterinarian. However, I'd only been in the veterinary field for 4 years before I found myself extremely burned out and ready to leave the field that I had worked so hard to enter!

Unfortunately, the veterinary field is not the only one where high rates of burnout and lack of work/life balance are prevalent.

After diving into years research and experimentation on happiness, trauma, and what it truly takes to have that elusive "work/life balance," I found the path to my dream life.

And now I help friends like YOU do the same!